About Us

Founded in 2003 by L. Mark Stone, Reliable Networks provides compliant cloud hosting for mission-critical applications, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop hosting and support, Zimbra hosting and support and Security, Backup and other managed services for clients around the United States who demand Uptime. All the Time.® for their critical applications, data and systems. We focus on clients for whom downtime is expensive and disruptive.

Based in Portland, Maine and acquired by OTELCO in January 2014, we leverage the carrier-grade data centers and other networking facilities of our parent company.

We own all of our facilities right up to peering with a variety of Tier 1 Internet Service Providers, currently Time-Warner for our northern data center, Verizon Business for our southern data center, and Level 3 for connections at One Summer Street in Boston. Our owned data centers are connected by a 10Gbps DWDM self-healing fibre ring and are on separate power company grids.

Our Philosophy

Clients with mission-critical applications in a variety of industries look to Reliable Networks for our unique blend of CIO-level advisory services bundled along with our Private/Hybrid Cloud, Citrix and Zimbra Hosting, maintenance and monitoring solutions.

Essentially, we collaborate with our clients so that their mission-critical applications present reliably, securely and cost-effectively to end users.

Achieving that goal means having conversations about the difficult balance between risk mitigation and cost. We do this by asking questions, listening attentively, and in the end giving our clients choices in how their application is to be hosted. Unlike many other providers, we are comfortable crafting Hybrid Cloud solutions, custom SLAs and custom HIPAA Business Associate Agreements when truly needed. It is not our place to dictate to our clients how much risk they should mitigate, but we feel we have an ethical obligation to help clients with challenging hosting needs by giving them options to mitigate different amounts of risk at different price points.

Our standard methodology for accomplishing this high level of client satisfaction is to focus initial discussions around RPO and RTO (Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives) as we have found that just providing backups and a generic Disaster Recovery plan checklist to be insufficient.

As a result of our focus on mission-critical applications, our hosting infrastructure at company-owned data centers has high levels of performance, security, redundancy and resiliency baked in. That we are part of a telecom company with things like E911 responsibilities helps to ensure that the networking and infrastructure portions of our environment maintained by OTELCO staff are up to snuff.

To make sure we are crossing all the “T”s and dotting all the “i”s, we undergo a rigorous SOC 2 Type II audit covering Security, Availability and Confidentiality. Unlike a SOC 1 (SSAE16) audit, a SOC 2 audit is a true operational audit, and broader in scope and more comprehensive in depth than many SOC 1 audits.

We would welcome a call to discuss your unique needs contact Trevor Jones at (207) 688-8882.