Zimbra Hosting

Reliable Networks has been a Zimbra hosting partner since 2007, when our clients saw us using it and knocked down our door asking to use it for themselves. Our deep knowledge of the Zimbra platform (we are a moderator on the Zimbra forums) and relationships with senior Zimbra developers, combined with our high-performance and secure private cloud servers makes for a one-two punch that delivers one of the best e-mail and collaboration solutions in the business.

We have a length of experience comparable even to Zimbra’s current owner, Synacor.  Both of us started using Zimbra when version 3 was current, and we both launched commercial hosting farms in the 4.0.x series.

Compliant Hosting
We take compliance seriously. Our Zimbra cloud servers and per-mailbox Zimbra hosting are both covered by our SOC2 Type II audit for Security, Availability and Confidentiality. We configure Zimbra servers to meet HIPAA requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley (SarbOx) and SEC e-mail archival and retention rules.

Shared. Dedicated. Custom. Wholesale. Consulting.
We offer a wide variety of Zimbra services from per-mailbox shared hosting on our secure, compliant Zimbra hosting farm through dedicated Zimbra cloud servers and Zimbra consulting services. We know it so well we even help other Zimbra hosting providers manage their infrastructure.

Secure Encryption
Our Zimbra Hosting Farm features 256-bit “banking grade” encryption (green browser bar), as well as encrypted server-to-server communications. We can help you deploy S/MIME or integrate Zimbra with your own (or our) third-party encryption/DLP solution as needed. At-rest encryption is also available.

Intelligent Anti-Spam – The Real Truth
Lots of email hosting providers claim zero spam will reach your Inbox, but what they don’t talk about are all the “false positives” (i.e. legitimate email incorrectly identified as spam) generated — as well as all the time you’ll need to spend managing your Quarantine folder. With our multi-vendor Intelligent Anti-Spam system, we strive for zero false positives. Many of our users see no spam at all; those with very public or long-lived email addresses will see the odd spam email. Our own and our service providers’ filters are updated quickly to keep those pesky spam emails to a minimum — without you missing those important, time-sensitive legitimate emails that more aggressive spam filtering will quarantine.

Pay It Forward
As a Zimbra forums moderator, we are always looking to help the community do better. We regularly contribute to Zimbra’s wiki documentation, including the SpamAssassin Customization Wiki. We are also a member of the Zeta Alliance.

Feel free to call us with your Zimbra Network Edition challenges at (207) 772-5678.