Health Care

We host high-performance Big Data SAS analytics servers and EHR systems from various vendors.

Big Data Analytics Made Easy (Well… Hosting Anyway)
We host a number of demanding clients performing analytics on terabytes of data in our high-performance Private Cloud. HIPAA compliance is no problem, and we have a SOC 2 Type II audit covering Security, Confidentiality and Availability.

Several of our clients rely on us for help improving the architecture of their hosted analytics environments to increase performance, scalability and ease of use. Why pay for more compute than you need to?

Electronic Health Records Hosting Made Easier
Even simple EHRs have a number of moving parts, any one which can cause performance or usability issues. We have experience hosting eClinicalWorks and a number of other EHR platforms.

Larger clients typically prefer a Hybrid Cloud Hosting solution, and we are happy to architect and support custom VLANs, client-specified RFC1918 private address space and SSL-VPNs. We are often called on to support the client’s business continuity solution as well, even when the solution is hosted on-premises or elsewhere outside of our Cloud.

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