Software Quality, Bugs and Cash Liabilities

In the tech business, there’s an old adage that “All software has bugs; all hardware eventually fails.” As we all know, some software is a lot crappier than other software.  In certain industries (like aviation), software goes through some pretty rigorous unit testing and quality assurance (“QA”) processes.  Glitches like the Boeing Dreamliner generator bug, which caused the FAA to issue an immediate Airworthiness Directive without any time for comments (because things like “…loss of… Read more »

WannaCry Ransomware, AlienVault, Barracuda and BitDefender

The news media is worrying that tomorrow (Monday May 15) may be a big day for the WannaCry ransomware as folks get back to their offices to greet their PCs. If you see this image below, you’re infected. Unplug your computer’s network cable and/or turn off wireless so the thing can’t spread any further and give us a call. This weekend gave IT staff everywhere a chance to catch up and, if necessary, scramble to… Read more »

AlienVault Security – Year In Review

Reliable Networks recently celebrated our one-year anniversary as an AlienVault Managed Security Partner, and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the stories as to how our AlienVault clients benefitted during the past year. For those new to AlienVault, the service is a USM (Unified Security Management) platform that provides five essential security functions in one integrated deployment: Asset Discovery Vulnerability Assessment Intrusion Detection Behavioral Monitoring SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) A… Read more »

The Case For Carrier-Diverse Redundant Internet

As more and more applications and data move to a Cloud environment, it becomes increasingly important to deploy carrier-diverse redundant Internet in one’s offices, along with a firewall/router that can do automatic failover/failback between the two carrier’s circuits. Challenges We recommend this even for clients who are still hosting on-premises, because if you have just one circuit and your ISP goes down, your customers, suppliers and remote employees can’t reach you, and vica versa. The problem… Read more »

Zimbra NYC Commit Wrap Up

Two weeks ago I was in NYC for a few days attending Zimbra NYC Commit, a summit ostensibly for the Open Source community but also for Zimbra Partners. Now that I’ve had a chance to catch up I wanted to share with you what we learned. Code Refactoring First, Zimbra development staff during the past six months have pretty much kept their heads down doing some fairly massive code cleanup and putting the new agile deployment plan… Read more »

Spam Control – Size Matters

During the past few weeks we’ve seen increasing amounts of spam sneak by our multi-layered anti-spam protections in front of our clients’ Zimbra and Exchange email servers. Over the weekend we cracked the code and made some changes to our Barracuda anti-spam system to address this. The quickie back story is that pretty much all spam filtering appliances have some criteria by which email is not fully examined because it is almost assuredly not spam…. Read more »

Anatomy of a Phishing Scam

As the saying goes, “Even nice people get phished…” and when we work with a client to set up a security test, typically some staff fall for the phishing email we set up to test them (and let them know that the test was coming, too!). Well, today several of us received a phishing email purporting to be from Zimbra (we are a Zimbra Partner), and I thought it would be helpful to use this actual… Read more »

Zimbra Commit – Password Expiration Reminder Code Share

Zimbra’s Commit conference in New York City kicked off last night, and it was nice to see some old Zimbra friends and make some new ones! Today is an all-day immersion, comprised of a string of sessions intended to provide developers, customers and partners like us a big update on where Synacor is taking Zimbra, and some of the enhancements (like an updated user interface!) we can expect in the near term. Tomorrow is a… Read more »

Zimbra Commit Conference – New York City March 21 -23

Zimbra is holding a developers’ conference next week in NYC (we’ll be there!) and the Zeta Alliance are building a list of bugs for the Thursday Bug Bash marathon. As a Zimbra hosting provider, we’ve often been asked over the years by users if Zimbra couldn’t send them a reminder (or two) that their password was about to expire. There have a been a few Zimbra Bugzilla entries over the years regarding password resets, forgotten… Read more »

Zimbra Quotas and Phishing Alert – Be Careful!

We and a number of our Zimbra clients are seeing a wave of Zimbra phishing emails we thought we should tell you about.  Please be careful! Zimbra’s “quota” feature enables system administrators to conserve storage by setting quotas on Zimbra mailboxes.  When a user gets near their quota, the system sends them an alert email, reminding them that once their quota is reached, no new inbound emails will be accepted until either their quota is… Read more »