Cloud Services

We have historically built, maintained, and supported our own private-hybrid cloud infrastructure for our clients. We learned a lot of very good lessons while we were doing this but with the increased adoption, development, and price decreases from the big 3, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google’s Cloud stack, we have decided that it’s in our client’s best interest to turn down our cloud infrastructure.

We have successfully migrated nearly all our client’s cloud infrastructure to either AWS or Azure with little to no downtime. One of our clients said, “This was the easiest migration we have ever been through!”

Most of our clients are Microsoft environments they are adopting Office 365, so we have chosen Microsoft Azure as our primary cloud provider, for the additional benefits that Azure has to offer our clients.

If you have on premise equipment and you are thinking of moving to the cloud, we would love to have a conversation with you to determine what would be the best course of action to get you migrated to the cloud with as little downtime as possible.


Cloud Consulting Services

We can help you to determine if a migration to the cloud is the right step for your business and provide some guidance and a plan to get you there.

Cloud Migrations

We have perfected the method of migrating to the cloud through our experience and have been able to perform the cutovers in as little as a few minutes. Let’s discuss if this migration method would work for you.

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