HIPAA Enforcement And Penalties – Data Breach Costs Increasing

How much does a data breach cost, per record? Recently, both Oregon Health and Science University and The University of Mississippi Medical Center paid penalties to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights of $2.7 million and $2.75 million respectively for post-breach HIPAA violations.  You can read the details at the links above, but the Oregon breach involved more than 3,000 individuals and the Mississippi breach involved some 10,000 individuals. The… Read more »

CloudExpo Day 2 Review

Today was a pretty busy day at Cloud Expo, and Security topics were covered in force, either explicitly or embedded as part of operational talks on best practices covering things like provisioning and backups/disaster recovery. Security Soundbite Of The Day – Zombie Servers Although Zombie Apocalypse topics have quieted down in popular culture, Zombie Servers are apparently a Big Thing. In case you need to catch up, a Zombie Server is a running server that no… Read more »

CloudExpo Day 1 Review

Thanks to Accelerite, I was provided with a Gold VIP pass to attend CloudExpo here in New York City.  For those of you who follow all-things-Citrix, Accelerite recently acquired from Citrix the CloudPlatform (based on the open source Apache CloudStack project) Private Cloud software suite.  (Full Disclosure: we are an Accelerite customer and use CloudPlatform for managing our, and our clients’ clouds.) The exhibit hall doesn’t open until tomorrow (if you exclude tonight’s welcome reception),… Read more »

Zimbra 8.7 Almost Here

Zimbra today announced a public release of the Zimbra Collaboration version 8.7 Release Candidate. We’ve been busy these past few weeks working on testing the private betas, and we like what we have seen so far.  This is also the first new major release under Zimbra’s new owner Synacor, so this release is a bit of a bellweather indicator for how Synacor is managing development versus the previous owner Telligent. What’s In 8.7? First, bug… Read more »

Zimbra and Exchange Email HIPAA HITECH Compliance Overview

Not a week goes by that we don’t get asked: “Can you host HIPAA-compliant email for us?”  The answer is always “Yes, but…” which is not always the welcomed response, but it’s the truth. The real truth is that, first and foremost, the Covered Entity is ultimately responsible for compliance.  This is not because our lawyers have added a clever clause to our contract absolving us of such responsibility, it’s because that’s the law.  And… Read more »

Citrix Synergy 2015 Orlando – May 12-14, 2015 – Come Say Hello!


Reliable Networks is proud to be an Exhibiting Sponsor at Citrix Synergy 2015 from May 12 through May 14 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida. We will have a booth in the IaaS Cloud Operations Pavilion to showcase our use of Citrix CloudPlatform, XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer. Reliable Networks is one of only nine currently Verified Citrix-Ready IaaS Cloud for XenDesktop providers globally.  This year’s Synergy conference has a strong emphasis on Mobile, which dovetails… Read more »

The Internet of Things Isn’t Ready; Where’s My 100,000-Mile Technology?

Exploding Pintos and Physics Gone Wrong If you have some gray hairs like me, you remember a time when cars barely made 30,000 miles before requiring extensive and expensive repairs and maintenance.  Not only that, many cars came off the production line with all kinds of major defects, some more explosive than others. In college, a friend of mine painted a bull-eye on the back of his Pinto, equipped with white-letter Firestone 500 tires.  Google… Read more »

HOW TO: Barracuda Spam Filtering and Zimbra Domain Aliases

Over the past few years Barracuda has done a good job of improving their spam filtering appliances. We recently started to deploy a Barracuda 400Vx system in front of several Zimbra systems and found that the Barracuda doesn’t work with Zimbra’s Domain Alias function. Worse, the old Barracuda KB article which purports to offer a fix doesn’t work either, and the author of that article no longer works at Barracuda.  Since that KB article was… Read more »

Why Encryption Matters – Who Is Really Looking At Your Stuff?

First off, this is not a privacy rant; it’s about understanding how folks you might not expect could see your Internet traffic: emails, web browsing, file transfers, etc., and why encryption can help. In the United States, when you send a letter or package through the Post Office, FedEx, UPS etc. to another address here in the United States, we all know that a number of employees get to see the tracking information for the… Read more »

Fighting Spam: SpamAssassin RDNS_NONE Test Issues

We host tens of thousands of email domains and so we get to see a lot of spam.  Over the past year we have seen spammers really raise the bar on their ability to sneak through a variety of commercial and open-source anti-spam filters, with the result that many email administrators have tightened the screws down on whatever anti-spam tools they have been using. While this has reduced spam volumes delivered to end users’ Inboxes,… Read more »